Library Vol.16, No. 65, Autumn 2023

A CISO’s Guide to Traversing the Labyrinth of Cybersecurity Regulations
Angela Dunn, Principal Associate General Counsel, NASDAQ, USA
A Gold Standard for Clean Room Development to Protect From Intellectual Property Infections
Bob Zeidman, President, Zeidman Consulting, USA
AI and Inventorship
Anagha Tendulkar, In-house Patent Counsel, Cipla, India
Building an Elite In-house Legal Department
Douglas Barnard, EVP, Corporate Development and Legal Advisor, CF Industries, USA
Cash is King in the UK Construction Industry
Anthony Philpott, Barrister, Barrister (Direct Public Access and Authorised Litigator) UK - AP Legal Direct , UK
Economics of Streaming & the Rise of the Music Artists’ Rights and Compensation
Jansher Verscht, Economics Student, University of Loughborough, UK
Afzana Anwer, Head of IP, Altilium Clean Technology, UK
Generative Artificial Intelligence: Legal Profession Disrupted?
James Lau, , , Singapore
Implications of the Prius Judgment for Trans-Border Reputation and Passing-Off in India
Amit Sindhwani, Head of IPR, USHA International Ltd, India
Aishwarya Menon, Partner, K&S Partners, India
Rajendra Kumar, Founding Partner RKR & Partners, RKR & Partners, India
Lawyers Doing Good in the Community
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel & Chief Sustainability Officer , Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Lawyers, Workplace, Mental Health & Psychological Safety
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel & Chief Sustainability Officer , Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Legal Developments in Employment Agreements Containing Non-Compete Clauses and Alternate Protections
Andrew Marquardt, Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel, Advantage Tech Inc, USA
Legal Profession in an Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence
James Lau, , , Singapore
Outcomes of a Contemporary Credentialing and Privileging Program in a Dental School
David Heinlein, Staff Counsel, Cincinnati Insurance, USA
Proposed FDIC Guidelines with Impose New Responsibilities on Directors of FDIC-Insured Banks
Bruce Ortwine, General Counsel (retired), Americas; Adviser, Global Legal and Compliance (Retired), Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc., USA
Stay Out of the Red
Mary Kennard, Vice President & General Counsel (retired), American University, USA
Tackling Change from Within an In-House Legal Function
Diana Kraft, VP & Deputy General Counsel, Amadeus, Spain
Maximilian Henkensiefken, Head of LEG Technology Operations, Amadeus, Germany
Sandra Kilbourne, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and lead Operations & Transformation in LEG, Amadeus, Germany
The Interplay between Antitrust Law and Intellectual Property Law in South Africa: A Critical Analysis of the OECD Recommendation on Intellectual Property Rights and Competition
Stephany Torres, Senior Associate, Primerio, South Africa
Joshua Eveleigh, Associate (designate), Primerio, South Africa
Michael-James Currie, Partner, Primerio, South Africa
Madelein Kleyn, CEO Mad K IP Consulting, Mad K IP Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
The Role of an Ethics Committee in Guiding In-House Counsel Through the Legal Minefield
Michael Stamp, Senior Force Legal Adviser, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, UK
Transform Your Legal Department with Legal Design
Severine Chaudru, EMEA Legal & Compliance Manager, Steelcase Inc., France