A View From the Coal-Face: Corporate Governance Issues in Charging Out and Incentivising In-House Counsel
Jürg Gassmann, Rechtsanwalt, , Switzerland
Applying Global Compliance Standards in a Diverse Regulatory Environment
Phillip Poland, Director, Customs and Regulatory Affairs, DHL Express Americas Region, USA
Clarity in U.S. Patent Law: How Far Will the Pendulum Swing?
Shane Sondreal, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Robert Pechman, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Seagate Technology LLC, USA
Eric Curtin, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Common Reporting Standards
Sören Seitz, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Manulife Asia, Hong Kong
Steven Yeo, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Manulife Asia, China
Content Portability and the Digital Single Market: Why your favourite content may still not be available to you?
Alec Cameron, Senior Legal Counsel (Intellectual Property & Digital Rights),, Telefonica S.A., UK
Emerging Technologies - Are Regulators, Industry and Their Legal Advisors Ready?
Diane Rodgers, General Counsel, AIG Canada, Canada
Employing Strategic Immigration Practices to Leverage U.S. Immigration Regulation & Policy to Gain Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century Age of Technology
Blair Wheat, General Counsel, LHP Engineering Solutions, USA
Horse Sense for Lawyers - Tap Your Somatic Wisdom to Boost Your Performance
Francie Kilborne, Associate General Counsel, Energy Transfer Partners, USA
Intellectual Property Challenges in the Food & Beverage Sector
Dr Afzana Anwer, Group IP Lawyer, Intellectual Property, UK
Misunderstanding of Confucianism as an Obstacle to Copyright Enforcement in China
Xiaolu (Lulu) Choi, Assistant Corporate Counsel, Expeditors International of Washington, Inc., USA
MNCs and the GC - Why it Really Means 'Global Counsel'
Mark VanDeVoorde, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Victaulic, USA
Mobile Payments in the EU: Overview, Legal Framework and Infrastructure and Challenges
Sancho Guibert, Assistant General Counsel, Citibank, Spain
Navigating the Headwaters of Intellectual Property Risk in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Simon Jenner, Chief Legal Officer, Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC, USA
Preserving Patent Rights to Company Technology
Brian Fitzpatrick, Associate, Koppel, Patrick, Heybl & Philpott, USA
Michael Ram, Senior Counsel, Koppel, Patrick, Heybl & Philpott, USA
The Evolution of In-house Legal & IP Departments
Heather Harvey, Lead IP Operations, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Nicolas Lalyre, Head Patent Information, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Simon Reeves, Head of Trademarks, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Michael Kock, Head IP, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
The Future of the In-House Lawyer
Richard Tapp, Company Secretary and Director of Legal Services, Carillion plc, UK
'The Past, the Present, and the Future … Clinical Trials and the Contract Research Organisation (CRO)'
Helen Fovargue, Senior Legal Director, Quintiles, UK
What Will the In-House Legal Department of Tomorrow Look Like?
Cécile Kavalses, General Counsel Benelux & The Nordics, Atos, Netherlands